Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JULinux Alpha Is Out ! Now it's your turn.

JULinux Alpha is out and the only thing it lacks are finished install scripts. We need to know what you want in your Linux. Right now we have scripts called the following:
  • Install All Your Favorite Games! (Optional)
  • Install Extra Codecs (recommended)
  • Install Utilities (recomended)
  • Ultamatix (recomended) -- Currently down until the repo is back up again
  • Ultimate Edition Themes (Optional if you want that Ultimate Edition look)
  • Update Your System to 9.10 UNSTABLE! (Absolutely not recommended!)
  • Video Editor Installer (Optional)
If you have ideas for other scripts or what to put in these scripts please reply here and let us know. Thanks :)

JULinux Alpha is available for download here: http://www.mindblowingidea.com/JULinux

So Why The Scripts?
The idea here was to make a Linux Distribution that was able to work with WINE flawlessly, support all the Linux supported games, while at the same time fitting on a CD. The scripts will install everything else including openoffice.org after you install off the CD. This way anyone can install JULinux. After the final stable release of JULinux is put out on CD we will make a DVD version with the same scripts that will have some of these most common programs already installed.