Wednesday, September 22, 2010

JULinux8 v0.1.8.2 has recieved the Famous Software Award!
Yes it's true as with many other sites JULinux8 has picked up a lot of steam and has been gaining publicity.
"The Famous Software Award has been initiated by to recognize "Famous Software", which come up with innovative and efficient ways to reflect the best relationship with users assuring their satisfaction."
Of course this only begs the question why hasn't listed us yet? According to we need you to send more e-mails to asking them to list it.

We have been listed on a lot of other sites as well now. But won't put us on the cover of the rolling stone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

JULinux8 v0.1.8.2 and new videos

JULinux8 v0.1.8.2 seems to be sweeping the nation faster than any previous distribution release we have produced.

Our Post on
The reaction we have received from the Linux community after releasing JULinux8 Stable .1.8.2 has been terrific.

Several sites have listed me and provided me with alternative mirrors for my distribution.
Several places on Facebook and other social sites.
just to name a few.

We have a new mirror. has given us FTP access to upload our .iso files to their site. That's really cool!...

What we need from you is your help as a JULinux8 user to promote JULinux and get it listed on We only need you to do three things to do this.

1. Send an e-mail to requesting that they add JULinux to

2. Go here: and give us a thumbs up rating and a short review with the rating.

3. Go here: and sign our guest book and give us a 5 rating.

And for extra credit Go Here: and digg, buzz, and tweet it and of course share this article on Facebook and all the other sites.

JULinux is made at the Pomeroy Christian Youth Center as found on Facebook. We make money off of adds on this site and the adds on our videos on Youtube. One of our new series of videos is called Man VS Junk and another is called The Windows 7 Challenge. Please take the time to enjoy these videos and if you like them subscribe to watch more. Of course just as always you can watch my Pastor's Sermons here.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Picture from:

What do you get when you take (inspired by Macintosh) + Canotical + and Ubuntu (what use to be a community distribution) and put them together? You get Macinotical or Ubuntu 10.04. When people using JULinux upgrade to 10.04 the most noticeable difference is that while it still looks and acts like Windows the minimise, restore, and close button switch sides on the screen even if some how you missed the fact that the startup changed as well. So why does Ubuntu keep changing their boot? Maybe they are sick and tired of people like me coming along, cleaning up their bugs, and remastering Ubuntu into a distribution that works. I don't know.

I've had people call me and ask why Justin does your JULinux distribution work right and Ubuntu suck? Well maybe that's because I fix all the bugs I can find. What really gets me is why other people who are approved as official remasters don't fix these bugs. One bug is Pulse Audio. Just having it can cause tons of problems for people with the wrong hardware not to mention you loose control over your audio hardware. So in this instance I revert to something that I know works on every system. (ALSA). It's little things like this that add up to a very happy user.

One thing to note is that this year Apple made more sales than Microsoft. Ya that's right! So maybe that's why Ubuntu has switched gears and gone in the Mac Attack Direction.

It's almost impossible anyway to convert a Macintosh user to Linux. Usually I don't even try.

In this one case I may make an exception. One of my cousins who uses an Apple Laptop came and showed me his system was unable to attach / upload anything to the net. Didn't matter if he used Safari or Firefox. WOW! So If Linux can run his games there really isn't a reason for him to keep using his Mac OS.

Most of the time however most people will take their Macs to the grave with them. I'm not sure why. Personally I hate Macs especially the new ones that have those cheap quad core Intel heating elements inside. But of course you need to pay over $1,000 to get one. That way you can heat your apartment while using your computer.

So then we must ask the question is all this "Green" or environmentally friendly? Linux uses very low system resources to do a task. Windows Vista and 7 however use tons of hardware resources (check the minimum hardware requirements) to do the same thing Linux does. While Macs run ok they sure put out a lot of heat and use a lot of electricity thanks to Intel.

That's why (I'm not selling anything here) you should buy a computer (from me or someone else) that has an AMD processor, NVIDIA graphics, and Linux installed to be as environmentally friendly as you can if you believe in being green.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


"it is so much better than windows or mac...more user friendly and easier to use. ...i am super happy with julinux!" Cody Long

I just started using julinux a few days ago. So far it has been easy to switch from Windows XP and I'm just barely computer literate!" Glenda Rockefeller

For me, I like to make the analogy that my operating system is like my car -- I know there's no real magic, but there HAS to be a certain minimum level of maintenance -- I hate to work on a car!, but I like less being relegated to a ditch at night in the rain with no idea of what to do to get on down the road. With an operating system, I like "toughness", dependability and keeping "being broken down" by viruses, stupid things I did, and speed. JULINUX does these things for me and I have far fewer problems with Linux/Ubuntu than any other system I have tried -- it's great!"
Tom Hardy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Reason Why Not To Use Microsoft Products.

Well I've read about it but never actually seen it until today.

I visited a customer running Windows XP on two computers. They are using Wild Blue Internet (a dish). The ping rates were at 1500ms to (usual pings on this type of connection are between 150 - 500ms) So the first thing I did was reboot the PC and boot a Live Linux environment where no Windows problems could interfere. Still I could not get a solid

After calling the local Wild Blue Tech and asking him what to do I unplugged the router, plugged the computer directly into the modem, rebooted both the modem and the computer. What I found next was very disturbing to Wild Blue and Direct TV. The modem was in bridged mode and neither the installer, Wild Blue, or Direct TV did this.

After getting threw to Direct TV (can't call Wild Blue directly for this account) it was explained to me that the user had exceeded their uploading bandwidth for that month. WAIT! First of all don't most of us download too much stuff and not upload it? Second of all the only use for this computer was E-Mail, web browsing, and typing / printing.

Figured it out yet?

The first guess the Direct TV tech had was that a torrent client was in
use. WRONG! My guess was a Zombie Virus was in use. Correct!

What is a Zombie Virus? Oh just a virus that takes over any and all Windows computers and does the hacker's bidding. In this case uploading. This hacker also managed to hack into and alter the settings of the user's router and modem! WOW!

Why would the hacker do this? Well by putting the modem into bridged mode this removes the main firewall / NAT from the network allowing the hacker transparent access into the network.

According to Direct TV only they or Wild Blue could get into the modem and program it remotely and you can't locally. There is no reset switch on the Modem either.

Because of this the customer's Internet was shut off by Wild Blue and they were penalized. We are attempting to get this taken off the account, get the modem reprogrammed, and we are dumping Windows for Linux putting the user back in control of their own computer.

So add this one to the list among the viruses that take out computer Bioses turning a Windows computer into a useless brick to be put into a landfill, identity theft, etc.

So just remember to keep using Windows because after all your use to using it. :D Or of course you could

For those of you who are already using Linux and you feel left out all you need to do is:
Configure and install an SSH server to allow people to get into your computer.
Then you need to make sure to post your username and password for your computer publically online.
Then you can enjoy this same Windows experience in Linux.

Friday, March 12, 2010

JULinux is here!

We thought JULinux was going to be the final but there were new advances we made in our scripting and overall ease of use for the Windows convert. After months of headaches, late nights, compiling custom .deb packages, JULinux theming scripts (not included with the distribution), doing lots of graphic art work in gimp, and listening to Windows users tell us what they like and dislike about Linux (as we have done in the past) I finally put out the 32 bit iso.

As we all know it's not just enough for Linux to be fast, stable, reliable, run millions of programs, be easy to use, and compatible with everything but for the Windows user it also has to look comfortable, familiar, save in Microsoft compatible formats by default (so their friends can open their files), have a babysitting feature where they can call for support for free, etc.

My DAD always complains that Linux looks too bland. ??? Even with Compiz, 3D desktop, Vista / 7 themes and everything, for some reason he thinks XP actually looks better ???

To be perfectly honest I hate flashy things on the desktop because they slow down your computer and cause video games to crash on occasion. It's nice if you want to show off or if your customer likes flashy things and they don't do a lot of gaming. I'm not planning on removing it from the distribution unless I need to save space.

I did find that in my 64 bit distribution by removing the usplash it boots in 30 seconds. I'm having trouble with my GUI config in the /etc/skel but I think I found a work around for that. It's the same bug in the 32 bit CD version. What I plan to do is include my install script that I have that makes JULinux look like JULinuXP in a hidden directory on the desktop as well as the installer also hidden. This way the will first execute my theme script and make sure the Desktop looks all nice and pretty before doing anything else.

I can't believe how fast it all runs. One of the Major Ubuntu problems is PulseAudio. It hardly ever works as well as ALSA or solves any problems. I had to develop a script that removes PulseAudio and installs ALSA along with the ALSA mixer. PulseAudio will still try to start every split second. Ubuntu hard coded some sort of process that keeps checking if PulseAudio is started or not and keeps trying to start it. It just won't die. So removing it works.

The second Major Ubuntu problem is that a lot of dependencies Games need are not in the repos. They are however in pure Debian repos. My solution? You may not like it at first. If you remember back to the BigMac32_Install scripts they temporarily changed the sources.list file and then changed it back again. Well that's not a bad idea. The necessary files could all be hidden. What I could do is first install the Debian repos and then install the dependencies (only) and then copy the original sources.list file back and install the games from those repos. This would allow the dependencies to be installed without causing Pure Debian package conflicts. Unlike BigMac32 this would be optional and separate. In fact the entire Game install would depend on if the user typed Y and pressed enter after being asked if they wanted extra games.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

JULinux x86 and x86_64

This is going to be really cool! I've figured out a way to give users even more of what they want out of Linux by customizing everything a little further in Ubuntu 9.10. I finally found a newer distribution I'm happy with. I'm not sure if I'll wait to put the install scripts together before I deploy an alpha version or not but it's going to be fun. I can't give you all the details yet but it will sure beat

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