Tuesday, May 4, 2010


"it is so much better than windows or mac...more user friendly and easier to use. ...i am super happy with julinux!" Cody Long

I just started using julinux a few days ago. So far it has been easy to switch from Windows XP and I'm just barely computer literate!" Glenda Rockefeller

For me, I like to make the analogy that my operating system is like my car -- I know there's no real magic, but there HAS to be a certain minimum level of maintenance -- I hate to work on a car!, but I like less being relegated to a ditch at night in the rain with no idea of what to do to get on down the road. With an operating system, I like "toughness", dependability and keeping "being broken down" by viruses, stupid things I did, and speed. JULINUX does these things for me and I have far fewer problems with Linux/Ubuntu than any other system I have tried -- it's great!"
Tom Hardy

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