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What do you get when you take (inspired by Macintosh) + Canotical + and Ubuntu (what use to be a community distribution) and put them together? You get Macinotical or Ubuntu 10.04. When people using JULinux upgrade to 10.04 the most noticeable difference is that while it still looks and acts like Windows the minimise, restore, and close button switch sides on the screen even if some how you missed the fact that the startup changed as well. So why does Ubuntu keep changing their boot? Maybe they are sick and tired of people like me coming along, cleaning up their bugs, and remastering Ubuntu into a distribution that works. I don't know.

I've had people call me and ask why Justin does your JULinux distribution work right and Ubuntu suck? Well maybe that's because I fix all the bugs I can find. What really gets me is why other people who are approved as official remasters don't fix these bugs. One bug is Pulse Audio. Just having it can cause tons of problems for people with the wrong hardware not to mention you loose control over your audio hardware. So in this instance I revert to something that I know works on every system. (ALSA). It's little things like this that add up to a very happy user.

One thing to note is that this year Apple made more sales than Microsoft. Ya that's right! So maybe that's why Ubuntu has switched gears and gone in the Mac Attack Direction.

It's almost impossible anyway to convert a Macintosh user to Linux. Usually I don't even try.

In this one case I may make an exception. One of my cousins who uses an Apple Laptop came and showed me his system was unable to attach / upload anything to the net. Didn't matter if he used Safari or Firefox. WOW! So If Linux can run his games there really isn't a reason for him to keep using his Mac OS.

Most of the time however most people will take their Macs to the grave with them. I'm not sure why. Personally I hate Macs especially the new ones that have those cheap quad core Intel heating elements inside. But of course you need to pay over $1,000 to get one. That way you can heat your apartment while using your computer.

So then we must ask the question is all this "Green" or environmentally friendly? Linux uses very low system resources to do a task. Windows Vista and 7 however use tons of hardware resources (check the minimum hardware requirements) to do the same thing Linux does. While Macs run ok they sure put out a lot of heat and use a lot of electricity thanks to Intel.

That's why (I'm not selling anything here) you should buy a computer (from me or someone else) that has an AMD processor, NVIDIA graphics, and Linux installed to be as environmentally friendly as you can if you believe in being green.

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