Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Don't have a clue what happened last night but I got 2000 Page Views and earned $1.00 in adds for my site. As you can see today when I took this picture at 1:50 PM Pacific Time my views are already at over 500. JustUseLinux is getting a lot of attention but from where and who I don't know. The phone keeps ringing. People are even thinking about sending donations! WOW! Our Christian Youth Centre might get donations! That would be nice. Right now to make ends meet I put all my computer repair money into the youth centre and can't afford my medication or other living expenses. I have faith the Lord Jesus Christ will take care of all these things.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

JULinux 0147 is available.

What is JULinux? http://pediaopeness.wetpaint.com/page/JULinux+Just+Use+Linux

Bug Fixes in this version: smile1.gif

*Fixed missing human.xml bug.
*Fixed bad system sounds.
*Fixed PlayOnLinux install version repository in BigMac32 Installer
*Fixed Online Installer as well

Bugs still to be fixed. angry.gif
*Splashy does not work right out of the box.
-- To fix this after the initial install just go to the Gnome start button, System > Administration > Start Up Manager. Set it to use 800 x 600 at 24 bit and close Start Up Manager and restart the computer.
*The scripts that are downloaded must be manually started.
-- After the folder is extracted to the Desktop open it and double click on install.sh and then click "Run In Terminal".

New features:
*Comes with Wubi installer for Windows users. Wubi claims to install an iso in the same directory you execute it from so it should work. smile1.gif If someone would edit the Wubi so that it would just download from our server we would appreciate it smile1.gif

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Linuxtracker.org is pleased to announce the availability of julinux_0.1.4.5.iso on the linuxtracker bittorrent network. For faster downloads, more accurate statistics and to see all of the available torrents, please visit http://linuxtracker.org.

cool1.gif Goal: Create a Linux distribution that fits on a CD and still comes with every program, utility, codec, and ability people have come to demand in Open and Closed Source Software.

This tiny CD based distribution has more packed into it than an elephant in a postage box. It's got all the Linux Games everyone loves + PlayOnLinux + all the codecs you could ever want + Utilities, and Media Players. It even has Office 2007 compatibility but not without the extra install scripts you will find on the desktop.

These install scripts require that you agree that it's legal in your country to install these fun things and then it installs them for you. The Tar.gz file attached includes 3.7 of the 3.8 GBs of packages you will need. (We stripped out the illegal ones and told it to just download them) You could download this from our server automatically using the Failsafe script (that downloads it to your desktop, extracts it, and executes the contents) but without a 7 Megabit internet connection or higher the chances that the download will get interrupted are very high. Also the complete Failsafe script won't be available for download from www.mindblowingidea.com until 10/10/09 so please don't try to get it now or you will just get a partial download.

If your computer can use DVDs then I suggest you make a Data DVD disk and put the Tar.gz file on it first and then after installing JULinux just copy it to the desktop and run the Failsafe script.

You can also use a portable HD or SSD with at lest 4 GB of space on it. If you are going to be booting from the same HD or SSD then make sure you have 5 GB of space.

I like unetbootin. It works well.

This distribution was based on Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit for a reason. It's because networking in Wine seems to work better. CNC3 will actually game online and on LAN. For some reason people seem to have forgotten that things like this use to work and now don't on the newer distributions. Be careful what you upgrade and what repositories you add or you might just ruin it. If it does not network right out of the box then try downgrading wine. Just a thought.

I know in JULinux it worked just fine.

In Live mode you may notice that on some computers it complains about Gnome Settings. This is ok. Just ignore it. smile1.gif

If for some reason the Failsafe script extracts all of the code and then exits without installing anything open the BigMac32_Install_Failsafe folder on the desktop and double click on install.sh. Then click Run in Terminal. smile1.gif I've had this problem on one install out of 10. Don't know why.