Wednesday, October 14, 2009

JULinux 0147 is available.

What is JULinux?

Bug Fixes in this version: smile1.gif

*Fixed missing human.xml bug.
*Fixed bad system sounds.
*Fixed PlayOnLinux install version repository in BigMac32 Installer
*Fixed Online Installer as well

Bugs still to be fixed. angry.gif
*Splashy does not work right out of the box.
-- To fix this after the initial install just go to the Gnome start button, System > Administration > Start Up Manager. Set it to use 800 x 600 at 24 bit and close Start Up Manager and restart the computer.
*The scripts that are downloaded must be manually started.
-- After the folder is extracted to the Desktop open it and double click on and then click "Run In Terminal".

New features:
*Comes with Wubi installer for Windows users. Wubi claims to install an iso in the same directory you execute it from so it should work. smile1.gif If someone would edit the Wubi so that it would just download from our server we would appreciate it smile1.gif

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  1. Like that Penguin smashing through the screen. Gotta get me one of those..