Friday, April 19, 2013

JULinux Emergency Tactical Prepper Edition

Get the Beta here:

JULinux Emergency Tactical Prepper Edition

The purpose of this distribution release, is what would you do if you had no access to internet, phone, or other communication ?
* How would you "activate your software" from Microsoft ?
* How would you search for survival help on Google ?
* How would you get more packages and install them ?
* How would you entertain yourself, to keep calm ?

JULinux Emergency Tactical Prepper Edition has the answers to all of those tough questions that Preppers and Survivalists need to answer.

Currently you can download the Beta and try it out.
You can also find JULinux on Facebook and Youtube

Here I am frustrating myself with the development.

The finished version, along with the Offline repository DVD images should be available soon.  If you would like to lend a hand, please go to the JULinux Facebook page, and comment.

Ben Fitzpatrick
JULinux Ultimate Edition I think it sounds cool personally and I like the beta of it so far...

Posted by Ian — 2013-01-22
Stable and works.

Posted by Chris Markis — 2011-08-02
I work with High-Availability Servers on a daily basis. We have to remotely access them with Windows desktops. We're always having problems with the desktops. At home, I've gotten to the point I would like something that is similar, but actually reliable. I've always known Linux as being reliable, JULinux I can easily migrate my wife and family to, without having to retrain them. As stated by others, I too am impressed at how fast it installs compared to other DISTRO's, even faster that MINT (which I had tried on the same Laptop, just prior to installing JULinux). It's very user friendly and the menus are easy to understand. It quickly connected to my printer and EZblueServer. I'm very satisfied. Definitely something I can use at home, and possibly at work. :-)

Posted by Dave Puckett — 2010-09-14
Have tried MOST of the other Linux distros. JULinux is the BEST by far! Download it. Try it. You won't be disappointed!

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