Friday, May 17, 2013

JULinuXP and JULinOX OS ETPE 2013

WOW it's been a long hard week for JULinux.

This week I released JULinuXP 2013 and JULinOX OS 2013. What are they and why is this important ?

First of all JULinuXP boots in about 20 seconds, uses less than 512 MB of RAM, and most importantly it protects your privacy from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, along with anyone else. Of course if you use Facebook and other such sites, that's your problem, but at least your browser isn't sending them any info either, and if there is any info, it's deleted before or after you close your browser. Also each browser forces HTTPS, and uses DuckDuckGO's search engine. Firefox still has Google search if you type something in the main address bar, but Firefox also has more security to remove stuff when you get done browsing.

So you all know and love the JULinuXP interface:

And here is the JULinOX OS interface we just came up with.

And a guy named Ben came up with the idea, I just made it into existence. Why is this big ? Because anyone that prefers either interface can now be a Linux convert without any issues. The programs are there, the support is there, and you don't have to tie up your RAM, CPU, or Video Card with a 3D interface, because the 3D Dock uses OpenGL and has an option (that we took advantage of) to emulate a 3D desktop, so you still use the MATE desktop environment, and get all that speed and performance, but without using Compiz, or any extra 3D effects. In fact the cairo dock bar only seems to use about 60 MB of RAM. Yes I know that's a lot of RAM, but for a 3D dock bar that is so nice ?
By default you should have a screen larger than 1024x768 for the JULinOX OS but you can remove one item from the dock bar or the desktop switcher (don't worry there is one at the top right of the screen) and your in business if you still use 1024x768.

Both JULinuXP and JULinOX OS have torrent downloads, and soon both will have ftp downloads too. The FTP for OX OS sould be up tomorrow. JULinuXP has been up.


If you have tried JULinux and like it, please go to our sourceforge page and give us a rating. JULinux has been out of date way too long for the ratings to be accurate. VERY IMPORTANT. We need a better rating to reflect on our new release. Create an account and rate it. Please it doesn't take much effort.

Also please upload our torrent file to as many torrent sites as you can find.

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