Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christian Computing

This Christmas when your buying gifts for your kids there is something important to keep in mind.

Christian Computing.

As we all know the Bible says Though shall not steal and Though shall not bear false witness.

First of all I'd like to tell you that most of you here have beared false witness without even knowing it because you all have computers with Microsoft or Mac software on them. When you turned on your computer or installed the software you agreed to an end user licence agreement that you probably didn't read. You are probably guilty of breaking every part of it and you probably don't even know it. So go ahead and look up the EULA for your software and read it and prove me wrong.

Second the Bible says though shall not steal. What if you can't afford software for your kids to use on their computer. Then your kids will most likelty download it illegally or make illegal copies of their friends software. This is stealing. The Bible says if our right hand causes us to sin we are to cut it off. This does not mean you need to throw your PC away.

You don't have to use Proprietary software from Microsoft and Apple on your computer. Go to and download JULinux for free. It's a Christian computer operating system free from virus threats, fragmentation, and most other problems comercial operating systems face. It can run Microsoft software and over 20,000 free applications that you can install. Your kids will have all the video games they will want this Christmas if you install it properly.

The best part is not only is the software free but the support is free too. Call 509-843-2414 for instant support Monday – Saturday 10:30 AM – 8 PM Pacific Sandard Time.

We all hope this blesses you as much as it has blessed us. Thanks.

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