Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JULinux is out now.

I finished uploading JULinux yesterday. I've tested it here and it worked 100% without glitches of any kind when doing the install in the proper order. I am not convinced yet that it is perfect or without glitches so that's why I haven't anounced it on Sourceforge.net or the torrent sites. You can go to www.justuselinux.com and click download and get a copy if you like. All the notes are there. Please test it out for me and let me know what you think. If there are errors you can reply to this e-mail or you can click the Feedback tab on the left side of www.justuselinux.com. Or better yet post in our forums.

Awesome Changes!:

  1. First of all I split the Failsafe Installer up into 10 files and uploaded them to ftp.mindblowingidea.com and there are direct links on my website with (as far as I know) unlimited download speed.
  2. Second Linux could not be easier to install now with all the codecs, utilities, games, and compatibility than JULinux. Why? We have made the install process completely automated. All you have to do is agree with it and answer a few questions.
  3. This time we used a graphical GRUB boot loader that is compatible with more systems and it just looks better. We also fixed the Splashy by replacing it with Usplash and adding a custom theme. I'm sure you will also like the welcome message at the gdm log in screen. ;)
  4. Ultamatix will automatically start when ready and install all of your favourite extras (with the exception of OpenOffice.org 3.0 and extra OpenOffice.org Clip Art) After Ultamatix is finished Envy will automatically open and prompt the user to install their NVIDIA or ATI driver. If this fails to work after a reboot the user is instructed to download and install their driver manually in the simplest terms possible.
  5. Assaultcube now actually installs! Even though playdeb's repos and Ubuntu's repos don't support Assaultcube in 8.04 you will find that it will install and function properly.
  6. Our new Failsafe Installer requires 3 GB less storage space on the Hard Drive during install.
I think you will agree that this version of JULinux is by far the best we have ever put out. Please let us know. Go to www.justuselinux.com and either use:
  1. The Feedback tab on the left side.
  2. The Mailing list.
  3. Or best of all the Forum.

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