Sunday, November 22, 2009

JULinux Final Announcement

JULinux will be released tomorrow. All known bugs have been fixed. All that's left to do now is to compile a new updated kernel so that the drivers will be up to date. That's the next step.

Our new installer does a very nice, clean job of installing and cleans up after itself even during the installation. The new installer requires 3 GB less than the previous one and also includes more packages and dependencies. It also meets all the requirements for assault cube thanks to the pure Debian repositories. The new installer is nicely devided up into 10 down loadable files that no longer depend on a giant torrent but a new installer that downloads each individual file and extracts each one to the /tmp directory and then executes After the install is complete all files including the install scripts are deleted from the /tmp directory. Ultumatix is included and also envy to provide NVIDIA and ATI drivers. The standard Ubuntu repositories just don't have new enough drivers. In some cases you may need to manually download and install the drivers from for your video card. To run this driver simply download the .run or .bin file, reboot your computer in recovery mode, drop to root shell, and cd to the directory (Example cd /home/owner/Desktop) and type ./*.run or ./*.bin and start the installation. Only do this after trying envy. DO NOT UNINSTALL the envy drivers. Just install this driver over top and then the nvidia-settings program will stay installed. :)

As far as wireless you will want to buy wireless cards from us to make sure they work with Linux until the next version with the new kernel is released.

In the future we hope to have a fully working Python installer with a GUI and the newest kernel fully compiled and installed for 8.04 32 bit and 64 bit.

As for USA Computer Tech Computer Rescue and the Christian Youth Center the future looks very promising. We are currently working on securing funds for a new revolutionary computer program. If we are successful the funding will not only fund this project but the profit will enable us to fund many more projects I already have planned in the future. The current project will take 3 - 4 years to complete after we get funding. Don't ask me to give out any details because I'm not going to yet. Of course there are those of you who will receive this message and already know what I'm talking about.

I'm very excited about this bug free release of JULinux (or at least I pray it's bug free) and it's pure simplicity for the end user if nothing else. I realize it does not have that same ease of use Ubuntu 9.10 has for installing wireless devices. Oh well. This distribution is
not designed around fussy laptops and net-books but around Desktops.

What about those of you who don't like my CD with an installer that just vomits everything on your computer and fills it up and those of you who Just want to install it on Laptops? For those of you who don't prefer the vomit I'll be putting out a vomit free version of JULinux on DVD with all the Wireless support and everything but without the games and other large applications. Of course you will need to install the codecs yourself. That's the price you pay for not using my CD version :)

So lets get down to business How to Install JULinux on your computer:


1. Go to and download the .iso either threw the torrent or directly from our ftp / http server.
-----Step 2 is mostly for Windows users all others feel free to skip-------
2. Install a free CD burning app. Any should do. Reboot Windows, Right click on the .iso and burn it.
3. Boot from the CD and install JULinux. (Don't click on Finish Install Failsafe yet.) Reboot.
4. Now double click > Run in Terminal > Wait for the download(s) to complete.
5. Type in the password you gave the computer during setup. Wait for the installer to complete. You may need to answer questions and type your password in again from time to time.
6. When synaptic opens fix any broken packages:
a. Edit > Fix Broken Packags
b. Apply
c. Close Synaptic when it finishes.
7. Agree to Ultamatix > Install anything extra you want > Don't worry about failures and exit it.
8. Use Envy when it opens to install your NVIDIA or ATI drivers if you have an ATI or NVIDIA card.
>>>>(If you reboot which you should then after the reboot)<<<<<<
9. Copy the shortcut to "Legends" from inside your home folder (Click start, places, My Documents) to your desktop so you can play it. Simple! Right? Let me know. Go to and click Feedback on the left side or
Send e-mail to or
Use our forum.

To the Lord God Jesus Christ be the glory for this distribution.

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